This part covers installing django-sitemapper and configuring your Django project to use it.


Sitemapper currently requires Django 1.4.2 or greater and Python 2.7 or greater.

South migrations are provided for Django versions prior to 1.7, so if you’d like to use these please make sure you have South installed before continuing.

Get the code

Installing Sitemapper is simple with pip (or, if you must, with easy_install), just run this in your terminal:

$ pip install django-sitemapper
$ easy_install django-sitemapper

Sitemapper is actively developed on Bitbucket, where you can grab the latest code.

Either clone the repository:

$ hg clone

or download and unpack the tar-ball or zip-ball of your choice.

Once you have a copy of the source, you can install it into your site packages easily:

$ cd django-sitemapper
$ python install

Configuring your Django project

Add "sitemapper" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  • For Django 1.7 users, run python migrate to create the


Using Sitemapper with South

If you’re using Django 1.7 you won’t need to use South as migrations are built in.

If you’re using an earlier version of Django with South 1.0 the provided south_migrations will be automatically detected.

For earlier versions of South you’ll need to tell explicitly define which migrations to use by adding to, or creating, the SOUTH_MIGRATION_MODULES in your settings file:

    'sitemapper': 'sitemapper.south_migrations',

Don’t worry, though, as running running a migrate will complain loudly if you’ve forgotten this step.